103: Why Nobody Is Buying Your Product (And What You Can Do About It) with Tucker Max

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Tucker Max - Successful people don't wait to be chosen by gate keepers. They create their own gate

If you ever struggled with selling online (or offline, for that matter) – today’s episode is for you!

In today’s episode we are joined by NY Times bestselling author, book publishing thought leader and serial entrepreneur – Tucker Max.

After being rejected by every publisher in America, Tucker paved his own path to success. Although his books may not be to your taste, his insights on entrepreneurship are pure gold.

Tucker has recently launched a successful business that’s changing the way professionals are publishing books. At the same time, he also shuffled up the “self publishing” industry, by offering a product priced at 10X or more than the competition.

Although he’s (much) more expensive than the do-it-yourself competitors, Tucker has plenty of customers, and is actually turning down a good 5-10% of his prospects. What’s his secret?

Episode Highlights

  • My latest Facebook EPIC failure – and what you should learn from it so it doesn’t happen to you
  • Why you should never let gate-keepers stop you (and what to do when they do)
  • How pivoting from what your customer needs, to what your customer WANTS can drastically change your bottom line
  • The only job you as an entrepreneur have
  • Tons of F* bombs. So beware : – )

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