The Post You Need About Branding & Engagement

I hate it when people talk or blog about branding.

It’s almost as bad as this constant B.S. being written about engagement. These two words make me want to puke. Enough with that already!

Everywhere I look, there are “proven methods” to create a brand culture and following; to entice customer engagement, and generally – become more like Apple.

The Real Secret Sauce Of Branding

You know what makes a good brand?

You know what makes customers feel engaged?

A bloody good product; Fantastic service; Great experience; Over-delivering; Quality; Fixing a problem; Fulfilling a desire – these are the core.

Of course you should have the same photo on all of your social profiles, have your own tone and claim your domain names – but without the core, all you have is a balloon full of hot air.

A wood plate with "we're engaged" curved in it

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