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MyThoughts for mac (mind mapping software) – Scam

Wow, this annoyed me! I’ve been trying out MyThoughts for mac (mind mapping software) for a week or so. It’s pretty good and has an option to export files to iThoughts, which is what I use on my iPad. I decided to upgrade from the two weeks trial and paid them the $50 – which is NOT cheap for a mindmapping software.

It came as a big surprise that the FULL version, does NOT have the option of exporting to other file formats. So I sent their support a request for a refund. I have nothing to do with a program that cannot share formats with my iPad.

Their reply just arrived, telling me that they “never have supported such functionality” and thus, deemed my request as solved (and rejected my request for a refund).This amazes me for a company that sells via the Apple store, as my next action will be forwarding the entire correspondence to Apple Mac Store team.How can a company that wants to be in business tell their customers that they’re idiots?