96: Marketing Alchemy: How To Turn Your Business Into Gold with Dov Gordon

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In today’s episode you will learn how to turn a stuck business into gold with the Alchemist Entrepreneur, Dov Gordon

Marketing Alchemy – Episode Highlights:

  • The 3 simple questions that your marketing should be answering
  • How to use “Marketing Helium” to start making more sales than ever
  • How to simplify your marketing process and see beyond “the hottest tactics and trends”

You really need to give this episode a listen – if not 5 listens! Since I recorded this interview, I have shared it with tens of people in my close network. The 3 questions Dov shares on this episode, and his step by step process for answering them, has been making significant impact to all the people I shared this with.

Quite simply… this works.

And as soon as you listen to it – you’ll see why. It just makes absolute sense.

I hope you enjoy this episode. Here are the resources we mentioned:

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