97: Turn Amazon Into Your Ultimate (& FREE) List Building Machine with John TIghe

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In this episode you will learn how to use Amazon for much more than “just selling books”!

Amazon. The shop of everything, including 6.5 million Kindle books. During the lifetime of the Inspiring Innovation show, we covered Kindle publishing more than once from the passive income angle.

What we have never done, until today, is take a look at the mind blowing power that Amazon lends you as a FREE tool to build your list, authority and reach in your niche.

People are now building their email lists by the hundreds, thousands and tens of thousands using the strategies you’ll learn in this episode.

From building a list to building trust and respect, there’s a lot to be said about the power of book and how they can help any entrepreneur grow. Which is why I’ve asked the wonderful John TIghe, author of Crush It With Kindle, to join us today.

Using Amazon Kindle To Build Your List – Episode Highlights

In this episode you will learn:

  • How to use smart calls to action inside your Kindle books to strategically turn Amazon readers into hot leads and buying customers
  • Why Kindle books can be your most effective business card, and what doors can they open for you
  • How to drastically improve your chances of success on Amazon by following just a few simple steps

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