99: 5 Things You Must STOP Doing To Become Successful with Corey Poirier

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In today’s episode you will learn the five traits that you must get rid of if you want to become successful.


We all want it. We’re all in the journey to achieve it. And in this journey, we consume an endless amount of information. Hoping to learn the one tactic, the key strategy, the revolutionary idea – that will allow us to finally reach our destination.

So much has been said and written about becoming successful. Millions of Books, DVDs, VHS tapes, podcasts, blogs, and conferences, have covered it.

If you are anything like me, you must be feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount new strategies, tactics, and habits that we supposedly need to be adding to our lives every single day. If you ever that applying all these habits and new routines that everyone talks about won’t leave you with any time to actually run your business – this episode of the podcast is for you.

My guest (and TEDx speaker), Corey Poirier, has interviewed over 2800 high achievers in sole purpose of finding out what makes them tick.

According to Poirier’s findings, it is not the new things we can add to our lives that would make us successful. Instead – success is found in removing the things that are preventing us from achieving it.

Episode highlights

  • The 5 things you must weed out if you want to become successful
  • How to handle negative family members and friends
  • How to eradicate an “I can’t” mentality

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