What Can A Smart Phone Do? Apparently, Predict Your Next Move!

This is seriously scary. Remember the movie ‘Minority Report’? I still remember watching the movie at the cinema. I was blown away by the gadgets it offered.

At the time, those gadgets looked like such a giant leap forward. It looked, well, like fiction. Those touch screens where our dreams much like a robot butler was the dream of my father’s generation.
Fast forward only a decade later. Touch screens are obvious. A prototype of hologram has been demonstrated in MIT two years ago (or more). Sure, we don’t have flying cars yet, and no one tapped (to my knowledge) any “oracle kids” to a computer and tried to predict the future based on their hallucinations, yet. But according to this British research, there might just be a better way:

“A team of British researchers has developed an algorithm that uses tracking data on people’s phones to predict where they’ll be in 24 hours. The average error: just 20 meters.”


Cellphone tracking: What happens when our smartphones can predict our every move?

Sure, it’s based on access to data that’s (allegedly) protected and not made available without a warrant. And yes, it predicts where you’ll be, not what you’ll be doing. Nonetheless, I find it amazing and disturbing at once. We really are creatures of habit after all.

what can a smart phone do

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