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IIP023: Confessions Of A Corporate Misfit

Inspiring Innovation Podcast
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Episode Highlights:

  • How Srini was fired from almost every corporate job he had, and why he never got promoted.
  • Srini ending up 30 years old, living at his folks with a weekly allowance from his parents
  • The inception of BlogcastFM – how it all started and why it all started
  • Being a misfit and rejecting best practices – Srini’s guidelines for living a successful entrepreneurial life
  • The Instigator Experience
  • How to build a small army from a small audience, and why it beats having a large audience every day of the week
Srini Rao
Srini Rao

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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6 thoughts on “IIP023: Confessions Of A Corporate Misfit”

  1. Hey Meron , what’s up ?

    Ι liked the idea of a small army . It made me think a lot and this is the direction I going to take this “passion project” that I have under way .

    Awesome stuff .

    Be healthy and smile .

  2. Another great episode! And thanks for the 90’s flashback! Such a great message in that commercial.

    Anyways, I particularly liked the section on rejecting best practices. I think it’s important to take the time to learn from others who have already done what you’re trying to do, but it’s probably even more important to pave your own way. Sure, some things are tried and true and you should probably stick with them to have success, but we also have to allow ourselves some room for creativity so that we don’t limit ourselves.

    Also really agree with the idea of a small army. Overall, great tips from this episode!


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