How To Turn A Business That Has No List Into A Money Making Machine

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In this episode, Amy Porterfield and I examine how to turn a business that has no list, into a money-making machine.

Due to audience demand, the brilliant Amy Porterfield is back on the show! Find out how by spending less than $10 a day, any entrepreneur can use Facebook to turn his business into a money-making machine!

… And did I mention already that’s you only need to spend $10 a day?!

Listen now:

Episode Highlights

  • Why the livelihood of your business is in your list, and not in your social media strategies
  • What to expect from social media this year… and what not to!
  • How $10 a day can turn your business into a money-printing machine (and why spend even that!)
  • Amy’s tried-and-tested 4 step system to supercharge the sales of any business. Whether it’s online, or offline!

Little things to remember

For the ad:

  • The image of an unpublished page post ad should be 1200×627 px. It’s also better that you use PNG and not JPG
  • Officially, only 20% of your image can consist text. In practice, you can usually get along with up to 25%
  • Targeting is what will make or break the campaign.Experiment with it and see what works.
  • Make sure that your ad makes it clear that the resource is free!
  • Include the benefits of the lead magnet in your ad’s text

For the webinar:

  • If you’re running a webinar, you should know that EVERYONE starts with a small list of attendees and build themselves up!
  • Ditch the chat room option until you have at least 100 attendees. Chat room only helps when it’s functioning as social proof. Your audience will be none the wiser, and you will sell better without it!


  • Your lead magnet MUST target your own product, otherwise you’re building an irrelevant list!
  • A good initial conversion rate from Facebook ad to your list is 10%. (optimal performance is around 50-60%)
  • Ideally, you should be paying $1 or less per lead. If you’re paying more, play around with your targetting.
  • Remember that the most powerful part of the strategy is not the webinar, but the email marketing that comes after it!
  • By building a healthy mailing list, you are building a solid lifetime foundation for your business. This is much better than relying on Facebook or Twitter for leads!

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3 thoughts on “How To Turn A Business That Has No List Into A Money Making Machine”

  1. Meron, thank you for asking the question I had for Amy. 🙂 I am so excited, because this episode will definately become very popular.

    And, of course, Amy, tank you very much for answering it. 🙂

  2. Meron, I just found you today and listened to two of your podcasts,and both were extremely helpful in helping me fine tune my webinar strategy. Thanks you and keep up the great content!

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