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IIP052: Inspiring Innovation In The Wild (Part 1)

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Challenging The Status Quo

How do you challenge the status quo and bring more freedom, creativity and happiness to your life – when you have a full time job (in the form of a business that you own, but actually owns you), kids, a wife, and all the responsibilities and liabilities that come attached?

This 52nd episode of the podcast marks the first year anniversary of Inspiring Innovation, and it’s such an exciting milestone.

Before I get into today’s (incredibly juicy) episode, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported Inspiring Innovation during this passing year. Hats off to you — the listener — for walking with me through this wonderful journey filled with innovative, inspiring and actionable lessons from masters of different crafts, prolific entrepreneurs and admirable people – who’ve made it in the world of business and entrepreneurship. I hope, and know, that this year will be your year.

To commemorate this milestone, we are joined by coach David Taylor-Klaus of DTK Coaching.

David Taylor Klaus of DTk Coaching
David Taylor Klaus of DTK Coaching

Today and next week, David will work with two amazing, brave, and inspiring entrepreneurs from the Inspiring Innovation family, through a real-life 1-on-1 coaching session – that we all get to eavesdrop on and learn from!

The Overworked

Joining David and me today, is Patrick Sledz. Patrick, from Belgium, stood out immediately from those that applied to be part of this live coaching event. With unmistakable transparency and honesty, he described his current situation in such colors that we knew he will benefit from this opportunity.

Patrick Sledz
Patrick Sledz

We were looking for those that are striving to bring more freedom to their lives and are at the turning point of becoming entrepreneurs. Patrick already is one. But instead of owning a business, his business owns him.

Airing out your deepest feelings and fears is scary. Especially when doing that with strangers. I really didn’t know how much our volunteers would open up to David, the coach.

I shouldn’t have worried since Patrick graciously opened up and shared more than the pain and pressure from his business and his life: Although things are going well for him and his company, it’s far from what he always wanted for himself and his family. While his company is doing well financially, in terms of work-life balance — he’s almost broke.

In this session, David walks Patrick through the different hindrances that’s keeping him from having the life he wants, spending more time with his kids and build a dynamic team with the associates in his company.

We Discuss:

  1. Getting over fears
  2. Fighting the “how” paralysis
  3. Planning backwards
  4. Setting the right mindset for this journey
  5. Handling complex situations with skeptic spouses or partners
  6. Finding a passion, and realizing why that passion is important TO YOU
  7. Creating the legacy that you want for your children
  8. And more…

Ready. Get Set. Go.

A nudge through coaching brings Patrick into the right path, encouraging him to understand the root of his reservations and fears, which stops him from seeing the vision of his future come into fruition. In this session, he can finally take action that will reap great results — all of which can be witnessed in this episode.

UPDATE: Following the session, among other changes, Patrick and his wife have registered to the Inspiring Innovation Podcasting Bootcamp and he is about to launch his own podcast show, among other changes in his life!

Join us on today’s episode to get a clear vision of your own life, and a grip on how to move forward. Tune in for this eye-opening and encouraging episode.

Happy 1 year anniversary, you! I love you. There, I said it :).

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11 thoughts on “IIP052: Inspiring Innovation In The Wild (Part 1)”

  1. Powerful! Absolutely incredible! The two key ideas:
    “Plan backwards”! What a perfect concept. Counter-intuitive, until you think about it.
    “What if everything goes right?” Stop focusing on the potential problems. Look at the potential rewards!

    Thanks for the great show. And wow! David has a perfect voice for a coach! And such a calm, soothing yet piercing manner, someone who can’t see through someone else, but who is capable of making someone else see inside themselves. That is a gift!

    1. You put it so nicely, Trevor. I love listening to David talk. It makes me feel automatically at ease!

      You know I’m a huge believer in planning backwards and adjusting. As to what if everything goes right – do you think our fixation on “what if things go wrong” is similar to the old saying “better safe than sorry” – than is often misleading when it comes to achieving unique things? I mean, that’s what people always say, but to put it in the words of Pat Flynn – isn’t a life of “oh wells” better than a life of “what ifs”?

  2. An powerful episode! Listening to Patrick work through his emotions while answering David was emotional and moving. And it made me re-evaluate my actions and motives. I also took two great concepts from the show:

    “Plan Backwards” and “What if everything goes right?”

    Also, David has such a forceful, yet respectful manner. He asks questions, and listens, but also doesn’t let Patrick get away with a “fluff” answer. Excellent. (And his voice is perfect for his career. Authoritative yet friendly.)

    Can’t wait for the second session!

  3. Hey Meron!

    I really liked this style of episode! It was definitely something different but in a good way – even though the advice was ‘specific’ to Patrick’s situation I still found it really helpful! Looking forward to listening to the other one you guys did!

    Sam 🙂

    1. Hey Sam! 🙂 So great to hear from you! I’m so glad you found it useful… would you consider being in the hot-seat someday? Then the advice will be 100% for you 🙂

    2. Hi Sam,

      I am happy that you found it helpful. I definitely did and I am taking actions to make my (professional) life more meaningful. And also I will improve my “personal” life, but this is a chicken-egg thing…
      The situation was specific around my situation, that was also the purpose of the episode, to have a coaching session. I do think that, as you mention, everybody can have some takeaways from this interview and once more, am happy it was somehow helpful for you.
      This time I was in the hot-seat and I am very grateful for Meron that I got this opportunity and am looking forward to hear you in the hot-seat 😉



      1. Patrick, it’s been such an honor to e-meet you, that I can honestly say the pleasure is ALL mine! Can’t wait to have you again next year to share your amazing progress 🙂 Is there anything the Inspiring Innovation family can help you with today?

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