Android Users Compromised With Malware

The official Google Android apps market is full of spam and malware.

I’ve seen it in action on a security analysts conference I attended almost a year ago. Ever since I’ve been trying to spread the word to anyone I care about.

Today, it’s you guys.

I know a CEO of a well known credit card company that got his Android phone tapped. The CEO! 

Look, I’ve been telling my close friends for some time now. There is a serious problem with security on Android. People put everything on their amazingly clever phone, but take no precautions on what apps they download.

People, you’re giving access to your credit card, to tapping your calls, to your entire world. Why aren’t you nervous? Are you nuts??

I don’t care how amazingly good or clever these Android phones are. I don’t care for their specifications. I care for my privacy a darn lot more. 

It took Microsoft years and years to realize that PC applications should be sandboxed. Apple got it right from day one on the iPhone. When will Google admit they got it wrong? 

More malware found hosted in Google’s official Android market | Ars Technica

Android.Dropdialer, a trojan that racks up costly charges from forced calls made to premium phone numbers, was found in two separate titles … according to a blog post published Tuesday by Irfan Asrar, a researcher with antivirus provider Symantec. “Super Mario Bros.” and “GTA 3 Moscow City,” as the malicious apps were packaged, generated as many as 100,000 downloads…

(via Instapaper)


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