If You Can Dream It, Then You Can Achieve It

Man And Small Tree

“If you can dream it, then you can achieve it” —Zig Ziglar Click To Tweet

Throughout history, there were people just like us who had dreams. Many didn’t pursue these dreams, proclaiming that “it will never happen”, or “it can’t be done”.

Human beings have been able to fly for the last 110 years. A fact today, but considered preposterous for decades and centuries. What about the idea of the light bulb, the motor vehicle, the iPad, the PC, VA’s, credit cards, The Walkman, iPod, TV, robotic vacuum cleaners, flying to the moon, submarines, Wifi, the Internet, Smartphones, GPS… I could carry on all day long.

Point is: History proves that if you can dream it, there is a very good chance you can achieve it. Question is: Will you try?