Stop Making Excuses

Wow, it’s been a while. So much happened during the last 90 days.

After being disconnected from the Internet for some long time, I knew it’s time to get back writing. But you know that feeling. You must do something, but you can’t find the time? Ever?

Now, I have a million reasons to not write this post. My To-Do list is exploding, this is my day off, and more than anything – I don’t feel like writing.

BUT, as I was watching this video by my good friend Ralph Quintero, I realised that I’m just making excuses. 

So what If I just finished travelling 60,000km in a month and a half, moving from GMT-11 to GMT+7? Is that a reason to procrastinate? Plans change (I’ll update you on that!), timings aren’t always great – so?? Just put the ass on the chair, and get the stuff done. Now! not later!

P.S. Ralph, if this is any consolation for you, some good few years ago I was pacing towards the bus station on my way home from college. I was distracted, and just SLAMMED into a an electric pole. In slammed, I mean the noise was so bad that people walking the street stopped and pointed.

I had a huge bump for some good time afterwards. The silver lining though, was that because I was living in Israel at the time, I just told everybody that a sleepy soldier accidentally turned around and hit me in the head with his M-16 gun. Few months later, this is exactly what happened. Lesson – be careful with what you wish for 🙂

Cute T-shirt I saw in Sydney saying I'm Smiling - Because I have NO IDEA What's going on
Cute T-shirt I saw in Sydney, but very applicable to the minutes after getting hit in the head 🙂

Have a great weekend everybody!