Join Me At The Largest #Branding Event In The World!

I have some exciting news for you, and one AMAZING, FREE, EPIC, MIND BLOWING resource, that is guaranteed to take your online business to the next level!

The News

I am so excited to announce that I have been chosen to speak at the biggest branding conference in the world: The Branding Summit.

But much more exciting is the fact that you are getting the full virtual access pass for FREE!

The Details

The Branding Summit

If you ever wondered how to create a successful online brand and business or if you wanted to take your online business to the next level – this event is exactly for you:

  • Learn the best branding strategies from the world’s leading branding experts
  • Let the leading online entrepreneurs of our time show you how to build authority in your niche
  • Get everything you need to start creating your own successful and prolific online brand (and business)
  • …and get it all from the comfort of your own home (or office) – for absolutely free.

How? Just head over to

Where & When

The Branding Summit starts on November 17 and will go on for 4 entire weeks of superb education. You will find talks by experts including John Lee Dumas, Yaro Starak, Danny Iny, Natalie Sisson, Neil Patel, Susan RoAne, and many others.

By heading over to The Branding Summit and claiming your virtual pass right now, you will be get complete access to all of these sessions.

Note this: You’ll be able to sign up for free access until the event ends in December, BUY you’ll only be able to get access to sessions that take place after you claim your virtual ticket.

So it is in your best interest to head over and claim it now – so you can get access to ALL of the sessions.

Check out this quick episode with Navid Moazzez, the host of the summit, where he explains all the details for the Inspiring Innovation family!

Take action and claim your spot at The Branding Summit Signup. Don’t miss out!

That’s all for today. I will see you for our regular episode – this Thursday! 🙂

How To Network: 10 Steps To Becoming A Business Networking Superhero

Today we share the 10 Steps to Mastering The Art Of Networking.

Find out how to turn your “business connections” into sincere and beneficial relationships… no matter who you are or what niche you’re in!

Networking Secrets & Episode Highlights

  • How to become a networking rockstar
  • How to NOT be a networking dirtbag
  • How to easily find ways to help market leaders and strengthen your relationships with them
  • How to use online tools to easily keep in touch with your connections and turn your network into your biggest engine of growth
  • How to easily make conversation with anyone in the room when you attend conferences or events
  • Great templates for streamlining your networking!

Meet John Corcoran, Networking Super Hero

Continue reading How To Network: 10 Steps To Becoming A Business Networking Superhero

Creating A Sustainable Business BEFORE You Leave The 9-5

This is a story of a man who managed to crack the glass ceiling, create a business that provides him the freedom lifestyle he always wanted, and say “so long!” to corporate America – all while working the 9 to 5, raising his daughters, and handling all of life’s liabilities!

Building A Business While Working The 9 to 5 – Episode Highlights

  1. How to build a business while working the 9-5 and raising a family – even if you don’t have much time or money!
  2. How to turn service based businesses that charge money per hour into passive income streams.
  3. How to deal with competition and with people that try to win by underpricing you.

Today’s Guest – Jeff Mendelson

Today’s guest, Jeff Mendelson, shared with us today how he went from the frustrating days of bumping against the glass ceiling in a technical job, seeing all the unqualified people around him getting promoted instead of him, and through creating the exit route and finally – getting off the hamster wheel.

But the most surprising part about Jeff’s story, is that by walking away from the safety of the 9-5, he ended up saving himself:

Over the last 5 years, all of his previous employers went out of business. The last man standing, was Jeff Mendelson, and his business, Las Olas Tech.

Las Olas, meaning “the waves” in Spanish, provides online solutions – from web design, social media management, pay per click campaigns and SEO, to complete web presence strategy.

There are two important lessons that I want you to pay attention to when listening to today’s story:

The first, is How Jeff realized that he just doesn’t have the time required to build a sustainable business while working for the man and being a family man, and the unorthodox solution that he found to make it work.

Second, is the business strategy that allowed Jeff to turn a service business charging money for hours into recurring revenue streams that guaranteed that bills will be paid – even when the market took a downfall.

Scroll to the top of the post and click the “Play” button now.  I know you’ll enjoy Jeff’s story just as much as I did.

By the way, it’s his birthday tomorrow, so I’d really appreciate it if you could leave him a quick “happy birthday” comment below! I know it will mean a lot to him! 🙂

Mentioned Resources

Why You Must STOP Doing Things “First Thing In The Morning”!

Daily Habits

We all try to copy the habits of the ultra-successful people, hoping for magic to happen. On its own, it’s not a bad idea. On the contrary – it actually makes a lot of sense… until it doesn’t. 

Every day, I see a new blog post about this habit that helped someone rich and famous become, well, rich and famous. And you know what’s the one thing that all of these posts share?

The most annoying piece of advice ever given for implementing a new daily habit:

“Do this first thing in the morning, so that you don’t dread from it all day and so you start the day with a win”. 

The Problem With Your Daily Habits

I use to follow this advice. Garry Halbert says I should take a 60 minutes walk every day? No problem!

Derek Johanson and Dane Maxwell say I should spend one hour every morning copying by hand sales letter to learn copywriting? Great, I’ll add that too.

“Oh, I also want to learn Russian, and that’s out of my comfort zone, so I better add that to the morning routine so I can get it over and done with before I start my day!

Joel Runyon says  I should do cold showers? Let me add that to the morning routine too! This way I will start my day like a superman!

Farnoosh Brock said I should stretch every morning for at least 10-15 minutes. Better do that first!” 

I can easily give you 7 more daily habits that I’ve tried to adopt over the last few years.

The Result (AKA shit hitting the fan)

The result of all this “do it first thing in the morning” movement, is having morning routines that take a good few frickn hours to complete!!!

By adding things to be done “first thing in the morning”, you guarantee that one of three things will happen:

  1. Option 1: You get all those things done, and by the time you finish with your new habits you have no time left to actually do the stuff you need to be doing
  2. Option 2: (as happens in most cases) you stop doing your new habits (At least until a new and exciting one comes around).
  3. Option 3: Your new morning routine is so heavy with stuff that’s out of your comfort zone, that you wake up and then procrastinate all day trying to avoid it.You don’t do anything meaningful with your time, because “you haven’t started your day”, and finally, you get your morning routine (or parts of it) done, and call it a day… saying that, “at least I completed my daily habits!”

    And this goes on for while, until your business breaks down, your ass is on fire, and you drop this “morning routine” concept altogether.

    (BTW, This is the worse option – as it’s a combination of option 1 and option 2 in one big time-wasting fiasco).


Here’s How You Do It Right:

The key with habits is not in doing it with the same timing like other people. The key is doing it consistently, at the same time every day that works for Y-O-U!

Want to try a new habit? Here’s what you should do:

  1. Estimate how long it will take
  2. Lock a recurring time block for it in your calendar – wherever it fits.
  3. Stick to your calendar.

If’s, But’s and Coconuts

“But I can’t find a time in my calendar for this!” 

Then it won’t happen. Either give up something else to make room, or give up wasting your time on acquiring a habit you don’t have time for.

“But if I don’t do it first thing in the morning, it doesn’t happen!”

This answer might hurt. Get ready for some tough love: Learn how to use a calendar, and take responsibility for your life. Seriously. 

What’s Your Take On Daily Habits?

How do you introduce new habits into your life? What’s been working (or not working) for you? Share in the comments below. I’ll see you there!