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IIP029: Getting Unstuck, Doing The Impossible, And Cold Showers – With Joel Runyon

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Are you fed up with living a normal life, but the life of your dreams is beyond reach and seems impossible to have?

What if you could do the impossible?

Today we are joined by the man behind ‘The Blog of Impossible Things’, Joel Runyon. A few years ago, out of work (again), he started a list of things that were impossible to do and achieve – and did them anyway.

This exclusive and truly inspiring interview takes us through the different reasons why people see uncomfortable situations as obstacles rather than opportunities and creating a mindset shift that will push you to do something you want to do and just do it.

Take away life lessons, mental conditioning, cold shower therapy (see below!) and different ways to do the impossible. Get valuable insights and tips on how to push through the barriers that stop us from living a great life.

Joel Runyon
Joel Runyon

Step away from having an average life. Join us in today’s episode and learn how to do the impossible – only here at Inspiring Innovation Podcast, your weekly backstage pass to success. There’s also an awesome giveaway!

Episode Highlights:

  • From UPS driver assistant getting chased by dogs to doing the impossible and living on your own terms.
  • How to control your story, and use failures to your own benefit
  • Why you shouldn’t do anything where success is guaranteed
  • Cold shower therapy – what is it? Why should you care? Has Joel lost his mind?
  • How to expand your comfort zone and why it’s crucial
  • Our impossible giveaway
  • Joel’s challenge to me – to take 30 freezing cold showers. See video below to find out if I accepted the madness (and why?)

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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4 thoughts on “IIP029: Getting Unstuck, Doing The Impossible, And Cold Showers – With Joel Runyon”

  1. Nothing is impossible! (I just don’t know how to accomplish some things. Yet!)

    Cold shower therapy. I am working on that one. I’m up a full minute of cold water….will get to 5 minutes now, because I am just that stubborn!

    Great show, as always. Meron, you are a rock star, my friend!

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