Tara Howisey and Clay Green

IIP025: 9-to-5 Couple Shares Their Journey To Becoming Entrepreneurs

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In the 25th episode of Inspiring Innovation podcast, we are joined by Sort Smart Solutions CEO and founders Clay Green and Tara Howisey, a couple that decided to ditch the 9-5 life and became successful entrepreneurs.

In this exclusive interview, Tara and Clay talk about their journey to entrepreneurial freedom. It started when Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income podcast introduced them to Dane Maxwell’s Foundation and concept of starting a business with no idea. Tara was hooked, and together with Clay they decided that this is their ticket out of the hamster wheel. You wouldn’t believe the hoops they had to jump through in order to get to work with Dane!

Tara and Clay share with us how they became entrepreneurs together, and the different lessons and tips they learned from The Foundation. How does going through this life changing experience of becoming entrepreneurs affect a relationship? How to overcome the hurdles?

Tara Howisey and Clay Green
Tara Howisey and Clay Green

Join us in learning how this couple created something new and amazing together while maintaining both personal and business relationships intact, making Tara and Clay’s experiences truly inspiring.

Episode Highlights:

  • How to become an entrepreneur when you are in a relationship? What to take into account?
  • How to handle the ups and downs of the entrepreneurial journey, and what is the #1 most important principle in Tara & Clay’s relationship that allowed it to work.
  • How to maintain your positive mindset in the entrepreneurial marathon.
  • Clay’s secret to achieving anything in life (hint: You go for it, with everything you’ve got)
  • Pin up photos (listen to the interview to find out why we talked about that!)

Items mentioned in this episode include:

Psycho Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz

  • Matt Young – voiceover professional and all-around awesome guy

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4 thoughts on “IIP025: 9-to-5 Couple Shares Their Journey To Becoming Entrepreneurs”

  1. Amazing time with you Meron! Tara and I are still talking about how nice it was sharing with you! Hope to see you sometime soon! Stay happy!

  2. Clay and Tara – I picture you two giving your talk on just this last weekend and how everyone was huddled around you listening. You were speaking so much value into people. I’m glad you had Clay and Tara on here Meron. These two are amazing.

  3. Clay & Tara, changed my perspectives on a bunch of stuff. Their mindfulness and awareness when it comes to relationships & entrepreneurship is an asset that is hard to find. Relationships can kill a business and a business can kill relationships. Most people realize it after it is too late. Clay & Tara taught me it doesn’t have to be like that. Find a way to get on their calander before they get swamped. Follow them and apply the stuff that they teach, you will be glad you did.


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