Benny Lewis the Irish Polyglot

IIP026: How To Achieve Anything – With Benny Lewis The Irish Polyglot

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What does language learning have to do with entrepreneurship and success?


Episode 26 of the Inspiring Innovation Podcast is an exclusive interview with the Irish Polyglot (speaker of multiple languages) – Benny Lewis.

In this truly unique and inspiring interview, Benny talks about how he became a polyglot, what it takes to learn a language in 3 months and from that we conclude how to set yourself to achieve anything in life – whether it’s learning a foreign language or being successful in business.

With over eleven years of travelling all over the world and learning languages along the way, Benny talks about the unconventional techniques he learned from his experiences. We discuss his product that allows him to make a living from what he loves, and his goals with blogging. You’ll find out why Benny think it’s wrong to try to become a guru prodigy that has all the answers, as he offers a much easier and more satisfying path.

Benny shares some great tips and solutions to roadblocks that other people come up with when trying to learn a language – or achieve any type of goal in life. It turns out that it’s always the same roadblocks, no matter what challenge one faces.

Benny Lewis The Irish Polyglot
Benny Lewis The Irish Polyglot

What’s the secret behind Benny’s success ? How does he maintain his mindset and what keeps him inspired after 11 years into this? Listen to the interview to find out! 🙂

Discover all these and more only here, at the Inspiring Innovation Podcast – your weekly backstage pass to success.

Episode Highlights:

  • What are the main struggles in learning foreign languages, and what does it have to do with entrepreneurship?
  • How to focus on the WHY and not waste time on the HOW in order to achieve your goals .
  • How to make time to become an entrepreneur.
  • What should be the WHY behind language learning, according to Benny, and as a result – what is the real WHY behind why you should become an entrepreneur
  • How Benny is making a living from traveling the world and learning languages
  • How to start talking a language from day 1, even if you don’t know a single word (and again – how to do the same with any goal you have in life)
  • Why being a guru that is never wrong is the WRONG thing to pursue.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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One thought on “IIP026: How To Achieve Anything – With Benny Lewis The Irish Polyglot”

  1. Meron, this was an AWESOME show! I love how you and Benny focused on the “WHY” more than the “HOW. In my mind, success is all about “WHY”, because when you know WHY, then you automatically have your motivation. Because if the WHY isn’t important to you, then you probably won’t even try. I focus on helping my nursing students decide “WHY” they want to become nurses because then they can concentrate on the “HOW”.

    Keep up the great work, my friend!

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