Andrew Warner - founder of Mixergy

IIP032: From Being A Chicken To Making Millions, Story Of Andrew Warner and Mixergy

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How does someone who’s too much of a chicken to talk to people during the day about his business start a company that ends up making just shy of $40M in annual sales? And what makes him ditch, and start a new venture – aimed at inspiring and helping worldwide entrepreneurs achieve success?

Today we are joined by the founder of Mixergy – Andrew Warner.

On this episode, Andrew shares his entrepreneurial journey – from getting drawn into entrepreneurship, being crippled by self-doubts and limiting beliefs, to creating a multi-million dollar online business with his brother and finally – finding his calling in shape of a mission to help other entrepreneurs reach success.

Andrew Warner, founder of Mixergy
Andrew Warner – founder of Mixergy

Tune in for his amazing personal story, shared with jaw-dropping honesty, and find out:

  • How Andrew overcame his own limiting beliefs?

  • Why Andrew gave away his email during the show (hint: He has something for you, that will help you with your self doubts and limiting beliefs)

  • Why Andrew jumped ship from his previous business, that was making almost $40M in annual sales?

  • What made Andrew realize his calling, and how it manifested into Mixergy?

  • Why Andrew charges for Mixergy, and why he thinks you need to stop being a wuss and charge, too!

  • Andrew’s best tips on creating a captivating interview-based show.

Get tons of valuable advice, business tips and be inspired in today’s Inspiring Innovation Podcast episode – your weekly backstage pass to success.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

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12 thoughts on “IIP032: From Being A Chicken To Making Millions, Story Of Andrew Warner and Mixergy”

  1. Awesome Meron!

    Funny I’ve listened to each of those interviews he suggested at the end and can say that Firework one was awesome. Its great hearing stories like his that aren’t told everyday but have so much value to share.

    Anything I read, listen or watch I always reflect on one take away and todays: Reflection on ones self to improve.
    Always been a Mixergy fan and love how Andrew is on a mission to always do/be better. You can tell the quality they put in researching their guest and his producer Jeremy is an amazing entrepreneur himself.

    Great job Meron ~ Mike Kawula

    1. Thanks , Michael !

      Sorry for the very late response – something went wrong and I’m not getting comments notifications from WP.

      Reflection is key. But I’d add that it’s about learning to reflect WITH compassion and patience to yourself. Otherwise it’s so easy to find yourself in a self depreciation conversation, instead of reflection and constant improvement. I’d say; reflect, be painfully honest, but I’ve yourself time and give yourself credit for any progress you HAVE BEEN making 🙂

      Thanks for the comment, my friend.


  2. Another awesome interview! I really enjoyed this one. I emailed Andrew because I think I definitely need to hear his talk.

    1. Hey Rachel!
      Glad you liked it!
      Sorry for the very late response – something went wrong and I’m not getting comments notifications from WP.

      I love the fact that you took action and emailed Andrew! Just consider that for some people that would be too much out of their comfort one – and you did it! You emailed one of the greatest interview show hosts in the country! Kudos!

      So what did you think of the video?


  3. Meron, absolutely AWESOME interview with Andrew. His story and thoughts really spoke to me: his thoughts on limiting beliefs and charging for value were really important!

    Rachel’s question on how to make great interviews was great, and his response was even more important (do what you can do over and over!)

    And Meron, you changed that final question! Tricky!

    Thanks for the great show! I can’t wait for the next one!

    1. Hey Trevor!

      Sorry, again, for the very late response.

      I agree. I think Andrew’s answer was fantastic because it’s so true, so practical, and yet so often missed!

      As to the last question … 🙂

      Cheers !

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