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IIP 007 : How To Write An Amazon Bestseller EVERY Single Week, With Sean Platt

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How To Become A Bestselling Author By Watching TV

Today’s guest on the Inspiring Innovation Podcast is Sean Platt. Sean has revolutionized electronic book publishing over the last two years, became bestselling author several times on Amazon and most importantly — is making a living from something that he truly loves doing. Without formal writing education, Sean is an amazing example of innovation.

His first book was rejected by the publisher. That’s where most writers stop, but for Sean it was only the beginning. He immediately went online and opened a blog where he started writing. Through that blog he met  his business partner David Wright and together they created the Collective Inkwell —  the home of their collaborative work. They adapted the business model of TV series such as ‘Lost’, ‘The Walking Dead’ and other series to digital books. Specifically speaking – creating episodes and seasons, and releasing on a weekly schedule.

Sean Michael Platt
Sean Michael Platt

The model has very clear business advantages, as it allows writers to enjoy recurring revenue and get a lot more exposure out of Amazon. But How? Why? Listen to the interview and find out!

In this episode you will learn:

  • How Sean’s favorite TV Series; ‘Lost’, ‘Mad Man’, ‘Breaking Bad’ and ‘The Walking Dead’ contributed to his books and his success.
  • Learn about the current Kindle publishing opportunities.
  • Sean’s serialization model – what is it, why is it huge, and how can you apply it to your own business.
  • Sean’s story of success: how he went from ‘nobody’ to ‘bestselling author’ in under four years!
  • What is Amazon KDP and how can you utilize it for your self publishing business.
  • Why does he release a new book once a week.
  • Sean’s key principles for more consistent and better writing.
  • The one thing writers should keep in mind to satisfy their ideal readers.
  • The number one discipline for a writer.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

Sean’s Books

Yesterday's GoneForNevermore Season 1WhiteSpace: Season TwoZ 2134MonstrousAvailable Darkness: Season One (Episodes 1-6)Dark Crossings: (Short Stories. Killer Endings)

Some More Sean Platt Awesomeness

Sean Platt Celebrates Reaching 100 Reviews on new title, Z 2134 – Lady Gaga Style

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12 thoughts on “IIP 007 : How To Write An Amazon Bestseller EVERY Single Week, With Sean Platt”

  1. Hi Meron , what’s up ?

    Sean’s approach is very interesting . Companying two seemingly opposite things : books and TV series .
    That’s the definition of Rip , Pivot and Jam from Dan and Ian .
    And you don’t know when you will find a good idea or strategy to implement it on your business .
    All you need to do is to have your mind open and be willing to experiment a little .

    Be healthy and smile .

    1. Ilias my friend, thanks for chiming in! If there’s something I keep reminding myself, it’s ‘pivot’. I agree. Taking existing ideas, concepts and strategies and giving them a slight ‘twist’ can create magical success. But on his case, it’s not just the smart idea, but hours and hours of hard work. Most people would never have tried to write a high quality book every week, so I take from here creativity + pivot + hard work + patience. What’s your takeout from Sean’s story?

      Thanks for leading the conversation my friend. When is your podcast coming out??

      1. If I hadn’t heard Sean’s story , it would be difficult for me to view a book as an episode of a series . His approach is very innovative . Maybe we should for look for fresh ideas at completely irrelevant places .
        As for my podcast , hope it’ll be out next month.
        Now I’m busting my youknowhat to finish as much work as I can so I can free time for this endeavour.
        See ya !

        1. That’s great news! Am looking forward to hearing it. You will let me help setting it up right??

          I wish we had some time at Chris Ducker’s group to talk about time management and the “lifestyle” issues that come with this job – ain’t easy!

          1. I have an issue finding a balance . Either I have a looooooot of work , money , pressure or I have time but I can’t pay my bills . We’ll have to discuss this “lifestyle” thing sometime .

            1. I agree! I wish you could join us to WDS!

              Maybe I should also dedicate an episode to this subject.. Who would you interview? Who would you like to hear? Any ideas?

  2. I don’t have any particular in mind .
    From what we talked in London the answer is hiring . I am trying a couple of things. I will figure it out by the end of the summer . 🙂

    cheers .

      1. No , it’s not a high priority . I just told a professor of mine from the university that we have good relationship if he knows anyone good . He promised to let me know .
        But I decided to delegate some of the Autocad staff for the licences job .
        The way I see it , there won’t be any money left for me this year . 🙂

        Cheers !

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