Amy Clover of Strong Inside Out

IIP030: With Hope and Fire – Amy Clover’s Journey From Rock Bottom to Empowering Thousands

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How to empower thousands after hitting rock bottom?

What does creating a fitness bootcamp had to do with it?

For someone who’s been battling against clinical depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder for most of her life, Amy Clover rose above all of that and had become a truly inspiring individual – all in today’s exceptionally, lesson-filled interview.

With a mission to empower and help other people overcome the challenges of facing depression, which is keeping them from living a better and prolific life, Amy started the successful and prolific blog – Strong Inside Out – where she chronicles her experiences and advice with her own, unique voice.

Amy Clover of Strong Inside Out
Amy Clover of Strong Inside Out

In this interview, Amy shares her compelling story that propelled her to become an advocate for fighting against psychological ailments and eventually becoming a fitness trainer, which gave way to conceptualizing the 30×30 Project that is happening in 30 cities across Canada and the US, and was funded by the online community itself. Becoming a trainer also became Amy’s source of income – and inspiration.

The 30×30 Project supports TWLOHA (To Write Love On Her Arms) – a non-profit, charitable institution that assists those who are struggling with depression, self-injury, suicide and substance abuse – something Amy wished she had before.

A firm advocate of health and fitness, learn how Amy used workouts with the right reasons, to cope with stress and help others do the same.  Find out what and who inspires her, her top tips for creating a blog that changes lives, and more – only in the 30th episode of Inspiring Innovation Podcast episode — your weekly backstage pass to success!

Episode Highlights:

  • How Amy Clover went from absolute rock bottom (mental ward after suicide attempt) – to becoming a source of hope and inspiration to thousands.
  • How focusing on the benefits you give to others helps overcoming the hardships along your way.
  • The real benefits of working out.
  • How Amy raised $18,000 (!) on IndieGoGo for her 30×30 campaign – and what it was all about?
  • Amy’s tips for starting a blog that changes lives.
  • How nutrition affects your mood and productivity.
  • Why you should attend events like NMX or WDS

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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2 thoughts on “IIP030: With Hope and Fire – Amy Clover’s Journey From Rock Bottom to Empowering Thousands”

  1. Another AWESOME interview! I really can appreciate Amy’s path, and some of her struggles. That was incredibly inspiring, and her story will help me become a better coach!

    PS: No cake for me. I do count calories. (Now…a really nice beer….THAT I could fit into my budget!)

  2. Meron,

    Such a great episode…thank you! Amy is so inspiring and it’s great that she was able to turn things around and is now helping others and making such a difference. It’s not easy to be able to tell a story like the one Amy has and she is very courageous for doing so. I’m able to relate to her story in many ways and am very grateful to you for having her on your show.

    Also, thank you for asking her my question for me. Her answer is very much appreciated, and I cannot tell you how inspired I am to continue to work on my project after listening to this episode. Thank you very much!


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