Jonny Andrews

IIP066: How To Make Money Self Publishing On Amazon Kindle

Note: click here to download the latest PDF of our passive income ideas series: Jonny Andrews Kindle publishing success checklist

The passive income ideas we cover in today’s episode include:

  • My guest’s Kindle publishing system that’s behind his 15 best-selling titles.
  • How to validate your idea and market on Amazon before writing a single word.
  • The 4 most important things you need to get right when publishing on Kindle in order to succeed (none of them is content, by the way!).
  • Why producing tens of shitty books is a bad business plan that won’t bring you success.
  • How to price your book.
  • How to get traditional publishers to drool from the idea of signing you.
  • A step-by-step tried and tested writing process for writing non-fiction books with super high value that people want to pay for!

More ideas for building your passive income streams:

This episode is part of the Inspiring Innovation Passive Income From Scratch series.

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Today’s guest

Jonny Andrews joins us today. Andrews, previously featured on Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn and other radio and news shows throughout the US, is an entrepreneur, marketing specialist, publishing expert, international speaker, business strategies consultant, multi-time best-selling author and podcaster (host of Audience Hacker Show).

Jonny Andrews shares ideas about making passive income with Kindle publishing

From having his identity stolen and being left with nothing and with no ability to get a job, to rebuilding himself from rock-bottom into a 7-figure income business owner, Jonny has been through a lot — and he shares what he learned from his journey with us today.

But Jonny is first and foremost with us today to share how he published over fifteen #1 best-selling titles on the Amazon Kindle platform. His books continue to rank well in their niches, generating him passive income day after day. In fact, Andrews also shared with the Inspiring Innovation audience a free webinar that he’s running titled: “How To Sell 10,000 Books In 7 Days… (Even If You Haven’t Written Yours Yet!)”.

Free gift

If you’re short on time, download our free PDF: “Jonny’s Kindle publishing success checklist now!“, covering:

  • How to validate your idea
  • How to outline your book
  • How to write your book
  • The 4 key things to pay attention to (that are more important to your sales than your content)
  • How to grow your audience (and sales)

Want it? It’s yours for free! Download the Kindle publishing success checklist now!

Other resources mentioned today:

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23 thoughts on “IIP066: How To Make Money Self Publishing On Amazon Kindle”

    1. My pleasure! Really thankful for you calling things out as they are, Jonny! I’m going to follow this facts & feelings process 🙂

    1. Thanks, Christian! So great of you to chime in. I wish I could speak German and tune in to your podcast too! 🙂

      1. I would be honored if I had you as a listener, Meron. 🙂

        You know, I used to say that my favorite podcast is “Foolish Adventure”. That was before I discovered, what you offer here.

        Enjoy the weekend as much as you can.

        1. Whoa, that’s a big compliment. Tim & the Foolish Adventure rock! 🙂
          My weekend plans are to finish some sales pages and relaunch my Podcast Incubator course in a new system and a new domain – but I did take Friday off to get some rest beforehand 😉 What are your plans for the weekend? Where will you be watching and celebrating the mannschaft becoming world champions? 🙂

          1. Oh, sounds great! Wish you all the best for the technical stuff. 😉 And I am pretty sure, the NEW Incubator will be very successful.

            We wanted to got out and meet some friends but since our 8-months-old got sick on friday, we prefer to stay home to give him the harmony and quiety he demands right now. But, thank God, he’s recovering fast. 🙂

            Will you have the opportunity to watch the game? I mean, seams to become more dangerous in Isreal right now… (But I don’t want to get political in this nice place called II…)

            1. I was watching the news instead of the match… arrg, way to much news in this house these days. I need to disconnect but it’s pretty hard. Wish we could take two weeks off in Berlin until it calms down, LOL! 🙂

              Glad your kid is getting better! It’s a rough age (judging by my friends, not from first hand experience)… they seem to be sick quite a lot!

              At least you’re blessed with harmony and quiet 🙂 Can’t overestimate that!

  1. Another good show, Meron!

    Question for Jonny regarding transcription (or yourself if you have experience with it).

    Is the transcription done by hiring through oDesk or through a transcription service. I’ve found some services and the pricing seems reasonable, but was hoping to get some specific feedback on companies used.

    I hate sitting down to write and think it will be much easier to just talk it out and edit what’s returned.


    1. Fully hear ya!

      I really don’t think it matters what companies/services you use as that 1st draft is going to look like hammered garbage anyway. The only thing paying an oDesker will do is make the garbage look a little more put together. All the “Magic” happens when you finish, go back through and make edits. Then you should give it to a 2nd set of eyes to do the same thing. Pass it around a bit. THEN it’ll start looking and reading like a real book 😉

    2. Thanks, Jason 🙂 I see Jonny already answered this, I’d just share my own experience – I use oDesk for transcriptions, and the average cost I’ve paid is around $16 per hour of audio. I always make sure that they do not use automatic dictation software – because they suck (at least for my Israeli accent!). I often give them a 2-3 minutes audio as test project to see their response time, ability to follow formatting guidelines, and ability to distinguish between “ums, ahs, so’s” and not transcribe them, compared to what I really want transcribed.

      When Julie (my gf) went through this process for her book, it was a game changer. She made an outline of the things she wanted to cover in each chapter, then I interviewed her (recorded on iTalk on her iPhone), sent it over to Hector from oDesk, and 2 days later we had the raw transcription. Then there was a lot of editing, but I find editing something that already exists a lot easier than handling the empty canvas.

      Hope this helps 🙂

        1. Hahaha 🙂 You should see me try to talk with Siri!

          Siri, will it rain today?
          – I’m sorry, Meron. I don’t have access to train schedule in Israel.
          OK, but is it going to rain?
          – I’m sorry, Meron. Train information is not available at the moment.
          Siri, is rain falling from the sky?
          – Let me check.. I’ve found this: <some wikipedia article about a train crash>
          For fuck sake Siri, you are one dumb bimbo!
          – I’m sorry you feel that way.

          #TrueStory #EveryMorningInWinter

  2. Amazing interview! Johnny I love your energy and the brutally honest approach.
    I totally agree with most of you said. Not making your own cover is something I learnt from my personal bitter experience. I too stick to the Kindle only. And yes, I was from those who jumped from one social media to another before enough time passed to establish.
    Since all this is partly related to my newborn podcast I would like to introduce it to those who might be interested. My podcast is called Write 2B Read and it is created to inspire and encourage writers become authors. I interview fiction and non-fiction authors once a week and also produce short episodes with thoughts and tips about fiction writing, self-publishing and book marketing. Please check it out at

    1. Hey Ani! Thanks for chiming in. For anyone who’s interested in writing after today’s episode, I strongly encourage you to check out Ani’s podcast!

  3. Hey Meron,

    one more question please. Whats the name of this nice social plugin on the left side? It seems to do his job perfectly for you…


    1. Hey Christian. It’s called Flare. I believe it’s discontinued but I can send it to you if you want 🙂 I love it!

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