Get Your Amp Of Liquid Luck

On the last issue of Inspiring Innovation Magazine (get it at, I discussed how bold actions scored me 4 days and a dinner with Internet Marketing guru – Ed Dale.

This post, that my good friend Ralph Quintero found and shared, gives you the ultimate method, system or recipe for luck. Much like the Liquid Luck potion in Harry Potter:

What It Takes To Be Lucky

Professor Wiseman find that optimistic people are luckier and sets out four principles that can help any of us become ‘luckier’ in our lives. All we need is to:

  1. maximise our opportunities
  2. listen to our hunches and grab the ‘right’ ones as they come along
  3. expect good fortune
  4. turn our bad luck into good luck (via Instapaper)

You can become luckier. It’s easy. Start taking massive actions, and KNOW that success, happiness and fortune will follow


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