What I’ve Been Up To – Video Update

I know I disappeared for some while, crazy stuff been happening – three exciting projects, moved to a new country, and some amazing news, all in this video update. Check it out!


If you’re interested in the digital magazine I talked about, you can check it out here.

The Inspiring Innovation Entrepreneur Magazine App Has Been Released To Ipad!

My first app, ‘Inspiring Innovation Magazine’ has just been released on the Apple Newsstand / App Store!

I’m making a video today explaining all about this new iPad magazine, the process and why I wasn’t around (on the internet) for almost three weeks. That’s coming up later today. Meanwhile – check out the magazine at http://bit.ly/InMagApp

Pat Flynn on the Inspiring Innovation Magazine cover
Pat Flynn – Cover story of the July Issue. Grab a copy now

The first issue includes a great video interview with the amazing Pat Flynn from The Smart Passive Income blog, a greatly inspiring piece by Farnoosh from Prolific Living¬†giving you 72 reasons to never get a job, and last but not least – an immensely detailed blueprint of how to go from a product idea to manufacturing and selling it – based on an interview with Cahill Puil, co-founder of LapDawg (see him also featured on Tim Ferriss’ 4HWW blog).

Original audio of the interview also included! (Seriously invaluable).

Once again, the address is: http://bit.ly/InMagApp