Stop Making Excuses

Wow, it’s been a while. So much happened during the last 90 days.

After being disconnected from the Internet for some long time, I knew it’s time to get back writing. But you know that feeling. You must do something, but you can’t find the time? Ever?

Now, I have a million reasons to not write this post. My To-Do list is exploding, this is my day off, and more than anything – I don’t feel like writing.

BUT, as I was watching this video by my good friend Ralph Quintero, I realised that I’m just making excuses. 

So what If I just finished travelling 60,000km in a month and a half, moving from GMT-11 to GMT+7? Is that a reason to procrastinate? Plans change (I’ll update you on that!), timings aren’t always great – so?? Just put the ass on the chair, and get the stuff done. Now! not later!

P.S. Ralph, if this is any consolation for you, some good few years ago I was pacing towards the bus station on my way home from college. I was distracted, and just SLAMMED into a an electric pole. In slammed, I mean the noise was so bad that people walking the street stopped and pointed.

I had a huge bump for some good time afterwards. The silver lining though, was that because I was living in Israel at the time, I just told everybody that a sleepy soldier accidentally turned around and hit me in the head with his M-16 gun. Few months later, this is exactly what happened. Lesson – be careful with what you wish for 🙂

Cute T-shirt I saw in Sydney saying I'm Smiling - Because I have NO IDEA What's going on
Cute T-shirt I saw in Sydney, but very applicable to the minutes after getting hit in the head 🙂

Have a great weekend everybody!

Get Your Amp Of Liquid Luck

On the last issue of Inspiring Innovation Magazine (get it at, I discussed how bold actions scored me 4 days and a dinner with Internet Marketing guru – Ed Dale.

This post, that my good friend Ralph Quintero found and shared, gives you the ultimate method, system or recipe for luck. Much like the Liquid Luck potion in Harry Potter:

What It Takes To Be Lucky

Professor Wiseman find that optimistic people are luckier and sets out four principles that can help any of us become ‘luckier’ in our lives. All we need is to:

  1. maximise our opportunities
  2. listen to our hunches and grab the ‘right’ ones as they come along
  3. expect good fortune
  4. turn our bad luck into good luck (via Instapaper)

You can become luckier. It’s easy. Start taking massive actions, and KNOW that success, happiness and fortune will follow


Sent from my iPad, who might not have Google Maps on, but sure as hell is kicking ass.

On The Art Of Saying NO

This article offers people to have to lists to look at every morning. While most of us will recognize the first list, the second one will surprise you.

Everyone has a to-do list. Almost no one has a “don’t do” list. A list of stuff you shouldn’t be wasting your time on, but still you find yourself doing every single day.

Why should you have a don’t do list?


Never before has it been so important to say “No.” No, I’m not going to read that article. No, I’m not going to read that email. No, I’m not going to take that phone call. No, I’m not going to sit through that meeting.

Why is it so hard for people to say no? It’s not only because we are all trying to please everyone else (although that’s a big part for many people). It’s mostly because we always look for the tiny piece of information that will complete the picture.

It’s hard to do because maybe, just maybe, that next piece of information will be the key to our success. But our success actually hinges on the opposite: on our willingness to risk missing some information. Because trying to focus on it all is a risk in itself. We’ll exhaust ourselves. We’ll get confused, nervous, and irritable. And we’ll miss the CEO standing next to us in the elevator.

Two Lists You Should Look at Every Morning (Via Instapaper)

But as the quote puts it so cleverly, when we are all too focused on the details, we miss the whole picture. We miss taking action on an opportunity that presents itself. We miss out.


What are you going to do today to make sure it won’t happen?Sent from my iPad

Whatever You’re Doing, It’s Probably Redicilous

One of the best articles I’ve read, and to the points it raises I’m guilty as charged.

The ‘Busy’ Trap

Busyness serves as a kind of existential reassurance, a hedge against emptiness; obviously your life cannot possibly be silly or trivial or meaningless if you are so busy, completely booked, in demand every hour of the day

(via Instapaper)

I’m going to make myself a nice cup o joe now, and wonder – what are the tasks that are actually important and vital for me to complete today?
What will happen if I don’t complete one of them today. Or tomorrow, or this year. Maybe never.
How much of an impact will that have on me?


We need to redefine words like Vital. Crucial. Necessary. Must.


We should allow ourselves to admit that many of our tasks are ridiculous, useless and unimportant. They won’t make a slightest dent in the universe, and so, we must let these tasks go.


Please share this with your friends if you feel the same.
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The Most Inspirational Post On Twitter

Hi guys

I just wanted to tribute the tweet that inspired my the most, the tweet that really shook me and reminded me to take action and start doing, instead of planning. It’s simple but effective.

Here it is:

Yep, good old Ed. Utterly straight-forward, and I absolutely loved this tweet. In its pure simplicity, there’s a clear message – “You’re already awesome, stop thinking about it, stop studying more about it, just get going!”.

So, I decided to make it a motivational poster, which I’m sharing here as a virtual standing ovation to Ed. He’s professional, kind, funny and his enthusiasm is literally contagious! And of course – he KNOWS his market.

Keep rocking Ed, hope you like this one:

Uncle sam poster with Ed Dale's face saying 'I want you to start making stuff'

People! Please retweet and like if you find Ed inspiring. He deserves it 🙂